Pedaling your bike can become hard over time. There are various reasons for this and we are here to figure them out.

A hard pedaling experience makes it difficult to cycle in the first place. It is an unpleasant and discomforting feeling. Sometimes, why your bike’s pedals are messing can be very easy to spot but for others, you will have to make a deep inspection to see where the problem is arising from.

Even on smooth and concrete roads, it is very common to feel hard pedals that can make it difficult to stay consistent with your speed. It can also cause your bike to come to a halt in the middle of the journey.

So, whenever you think there could be something wrong with your pedals, the following could be the reasons.

Tight Wheels

Most commonly, people have problem with the pedals with an old bearing system, the one that comes with a cone and a cup axle. You might be thinking that this is quite an old bearing system and who might even use it now but trust us, many brands do, Shimano does.

We found this sort of bearing system to be quite sensitive to tightness over the cones. we have experienced it ourselves. This usually happens when you pull the wheel from the frame or the fork, the cons bolt turn to the tightening direction that will, in turn, make it difficult for you to pedal.

So, make sure you check the health of your bearing balls regularly. They need to be top-notch in order for your bike to perform well on roads.

Unstable Brakes

Most of the time when your brakes are unadjusted, you will get to hear rubbing sounds but sometimes, they don’t make a noisy fuss which makes it very hard to spot when your brakes are unstable.

This will eventually brake your bike and give you a hard time pedaling. You will encounter this kind of problem with disc brakes mostly. You will have to check the caliper adjustment and make it’s aligned well, in the center so that your pedals can run smoothly at all times.

Cartridge Bearing Might be Damaged

This is a very rare possibility but it can happen anyway so it will be worth to make sure your cartridges haven’t sustained any damage.

The bikes that come with low-quality bearings can gradually lose their smooth-rolling ability. On the inside of the cartridge, there are inner balls that can either break or lose their rounded shape which makes it difficult for the cyclist to turn.

Hence, it will be difficult for the wheel to spin and you will begin to feel pressure on your pedals. You can remove the bearing from the cycle and give them a spin. If they don’t rotate smoothly then clean them thoroughly and adjust them again. Your pedals will run smoothly.

Dried or Rusty Chain

This is another one of the most common reasons why it becomes difficult to pedal. If you haven’t lubed your cycle for some time or it has become rusty, this will make it very difficult for the pedals to run smoothly.

You will possibly hear grinding sounds when pedaling and it’s an indication your cycle chain needs attention. If that is what’s happening, then you will have to remove the chain immediately. Lube it thoroughly and then readjust. If the chain has become too rusty then you might even have to replace it altogether.


So, these are some of the reasons why your cycle is facing some problems and in turn, it has become difficult for you to pedal your bike. Check these issues yourself and see if everything works out. We are sure this problem can be solved with a little DIY. In case the problem persists, then you will have to take your bicycle to mechanic. We hope this article has been thoroughly helpful to you. If you have any queries in this regard, do let us know through your feedback below.