Ever thought about upgrading your mountain bike? We know how most people don’t even think about sprucing up their MTBs given how expensive most of these upgrades are.

But don’t worry, we got you and we are here with the most effective mountain bike upgrades that you should get for your bike right away. You will be able to take your MTB to the next level without having to empty your purse.

Here are the top 10 best mountain bike upgrades


Most of the time, the mountain bike you purchase doesn’t come with over the top, high-end tires. They are usually not very reliable and can be the first thing you upgrade. This is mainly because brands don’t really invest a lot of money in tires where cheaper bikes are concerned and are usually bought at cut price.

However, you can have these tires replaced for a very affordable price. Amazon has various deals going on with spare parts all the time. You can easily look up any deals for affordable tires and improve your bike’s performance without breaking your bank account.


You know tires are the first thing that maintain your contact with the ground beneath you. The same way, your first physical contact with the bike is through handle grips. And if they aren’t comfortable and convenient, you will never be able to ride your bicycle efficiently.

Despite being extremely important, not all brand new bikes come with high-quality grips so you can upgrade them easily. There are plenty of options available that don’t cost a lot. You can check on Amazon and find handle grips that are worthwhile.

Plastic pedals

In case your bike comes with plastic pedals, this is another component that needs upgrading. Plastic pedals are very flimsy and won’t last for long especially when it comes to mountain biking. It’s a very rigorous sport and you need pedals that can withstand the heat.

Search online for aluminum or metal pedals that offer stunning resistance and absolute durability. These pedals won’t empty your pocket and you will be another step closer to improving your bike’s performance.


Cockpit includes the handlebars and stem. You will possibly be wondering that we are asking you to replace all the components of your bicycle. But no, we are just here to ensure you can have your bike upgraded without spend ton of money.

You can change the handlebars and stem of your bicycle. All the off-the-peg cockpits aren’t of high quality. They lack precision and are usually very narrow which makes it difficult for the rider to navigate. Having a wider handlebar and more durable stem is definitely going to up your riding game.


Saddles are usually very uncomfortable on all mountain bikes, especially the ones you buy at lower price points. This is another component that needs upgrading if you wanna have a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

You will be thrilled to know that a lot of times, Amazon offers amazing deals in which you can get not only one but several of these components at market competitive rates. Don’t forget to haggle for a bit and we are sure you will end up with a high quality and comfortable saddle to sit on and ride.

Brake pads

You shouldn’t rely on the metal backing for brake pads. They get contaminated easily and eventually wear out. You can always have them replaced with organic brake pads. These brake pads deliver maximum power and persistence when you’re out and about on the mountain trails.

You can also go for sintered brake pads if organic don’t come in your budget. A lot of riders even use organic brake pads on the front and sintered brake pads on the rear for added convenience.

Better cleats

Having new cleats on your bike can bring your SPD shoes back to their original glory days. They provide incredible speed enhancement and ensure your paddling speed doesn’t get left behind. You will feel much more at ease with newer cleats which can be upgraded at a very nominal price.

Outer and gear cables

Over the time, when you ride you bicycle consistently, your cables can eventually lose their grip. Even the outer can sustain damage because of water.

You will have to replace the gear cable and the outer both for better performance. We recommend getting both of these parts from Shimano. They offer incredible durability at great price point.

Rotor power meter

Even after upgrading your brake pads, if your brakes still lack power then try and upgrade the rotor power meter. Most of the bikes come with a 160mm rear disc, you can upgrade it to 180mm and see if it improves the overall efficiency.

Opt for tubeless tires

This might not be an easier option but it’s still the most efficient. You can always go for tubeless tires if your bicycle is always getting punctured. At least, with a tubeless tire, you will not have to spend your energy and effort fixing the tire again and again and again.

Take a look at some of the most affordable tubeless tires you can find online. There are several options available and we are sure you will find something that will add value to your money.


So, these are some of the best mountain bike upgrades you can get without having to spend a fortune of money. Just because you can’t afford a new mountain bike doesn’t necessarily mean you should put up with the old one. Not many people know how to spend their money wisely when upgrading mountain bikes but now we hope you do. We hope this article has provided you with all the intel you needed. Do leave us with your feedback in the comments section below. We highly appreciate it.