Does your adrenaline level always excite you to accept the challenges? Are you the one who loves daring tasks? Are you always up for thrilling jobs and adventures? Then you must have thought of going mountain biking at least once in your lifetime.

Mountain biking is indeed a treat for all the adventure lovers who never sit back and relax for a moment. They always indulge themselves in such daring activities.Their high spirits and maximum energy level keep them engaged in such activities. So Mountain biking is a must-try for such people.

It is one of the similar activities that are a treat for your high adrenaline level. But before starting your journey, you must need to buy the right Mountain bike for you. To begin with, we have selected the top 15 best Mountain bike brands that you can easily rely on. Our detailed guide will help you out in making an informed decision. So let’s get started with our mountain bike brand list.

15 Best Mountain Bike Brands 2022

1. Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale Bikes


Location: Wilton, Connecticut
Popular models: F-Si carbon2, F-Si Hi-MOD 1

What we like: The brand is a pioneer in introducing carbon fiber and aluminum body which no one was working on at that time.

What we don’t like: Its extreme challenges to unconventional ways can sometimes surprise the customers and fans (negatively).

Brand Overview

They started to change the cycling and biking perception in the 1970s by introducing many unconventional ways. One of such things is carbon fiber and an aluminum framework.

The company started in Wilson, Connecticut. Now they are successfully supplying cycles to dealers in almost every country of the world. No matter where ever you are, you can search for the closest dealer in your area. (This is one of the ways I searched for the best Mountain bike brand near me). Also, they introduced single-sided forks to help both:  uphill and downhill biking. Their bikes are a symbol of strength and stability. With their ergonomic style and contemporary feel, they upscaled the whole idea of biking and cycling.

Best Models

  • Cujo-1

    • Alloy frame
    • 120 mm fork
    • 12 speeds
    • Shimano brake model
    • disc brakes
  • Dave Dirt Jump

    • C3 alloy frame
    • double-wall rims
    • 26 inches wheel size

2. Yeti Cycles

Yeti Cycles


Location: Golden, Colorado
Popular models: SB-130, SB-150

What we like: They are a pioneer in introducing stylish cycles with modern designs.

What we don’t like: The brand is one of the most expensive brands of all.

Brand Overview

In 1985, this brand was launched in Colorado by a rider itself. With a keen interest in developing the best cycles, the company has introduced several models that optimize the fun of cycling. Their main aim is to provide comfort with style.

Even before the concept of mountain biking, the company started working on models that were specific for the race.

One of the core teams behind its all research and development programs is its racing team. So, before the launch of every model, their research team invested time, maybe years, to develop and introduce the most refined products.

Best Models

  • 160 E

    • World’s first e-mountain bike
    • 630 watt-hour battery
    • Shimano model brakes
  • SB140

    • Carbon fiber frame
    • SRAM G2 ultimate gears
    • ergon saddle seat

3. Specialized

Top Pick
Specialized Bikes


Location: Morgan Hill, California
Popular models: Stumpjumper, turbo Levo

What we like: They produce bikes for almost every price range without compromising the quality.

What we don’t like: The aggressive and relentless nature of production to beat the competition can sometimes upset the customers and their expectations.

Brand Overview

The company started its operations in 1970 with its production plant based in Taiwan. One of their incredible productions is the Stumpjumper that they produced specially for mountain biking.

Moreover, the company specializes in producing a wide range of bikes and cycles for every purpose, from beginners level to roads and e-bikes.

Another significant development by this company is the launch of SWAT technology. This technology serves for storing water and air tools that you can even buy separately.

Best Models

  • Stumpjumper Evo comp alloy

    • M5 alloy chassis
    • 12-speed drivetrain
    • alloy wheels
  • Turbo Levo SL expert carbon

    • Lightweight
    • electronic mountain bike
    • carbon frame body
    • integrated with Mission Control App.

4. Kona Bikes

Top Pick
Kona Bikes


Location: Ferndale, Washington
Popular models: Process, Honzo

What we like: They produce bikes that help you experience fun and joy within a competitive budget.

What we don’t like: The brand is not readily available everywhere. You can see some limited versions online.

Brand Overview

In 1988, two partners collaborated to found Kona Cycles. It is one of the few companies that have the same ownership from the start. Kona is one such bike company that produces bikes to cater to almost every customer. Yet, they have limited operations that help them stay connected with their very own riding and racing community.

Moreover, the company is owned by Jacob Heilborn and Dan Gerhard. Most of the company staff, just like Yeti, is involved in cycling and racing. Thus, it helps them to learn more about the racing experience. And they directly put their expertise to boost the efficacy of cycles and bikes.

From full suspension to fat or Plus size bikes, they produce a wide range for their customers. So, if you are a genuine mountain biker, you would love to explore their catalog. Though the company showcases limited editions online, you can still find ways to look for the latest ones.

Best Models

  • Process X CR/DL

    • A carbon frame
    • 162 mm
    • SRAM GX AXS model shifter
  • Process X CR

    • Carbon frame,
    • 162 mm
    • Shimano XT 12 speed model shifters
    • Shimano brakes

5. GT Bicycles

GT Bicycles


Location: USA and Brazil
Popular models: Stomper Prime, Grade Expert

What we like: Their omnipresence. You will find GT in almost every nook and corner.

What we don’t like: The merger with other entities can subside its importance

Best Models

Founded by Grey Turner in 1972, GT bikes are synonyms for good times and speed. The company promises and delivers speed in tires of their bikes.

Currently, GT is part of DOREL Industries, which has a further three mega divisions for bike-related brands. Bike brands like Connandale and Schwinn are also related to this company.

Above all, the bike is the fastest of all: the fastest mountain bike among other brands. Be it Carbon Elite, Stomper Prime, or Grade Expert; you will experience the same speed in all of its models and makes. Best Models

Best Models

  • Grade Carbon Pro

    • Award-winning
    • carbon frame
    • floating seat stays
    • flat mount disc
    • carbon fork
    • 11 speed
  • Mach One Expert

    • Mach one race frame
    • reverse dropouts
    • hi-ten steel fork
    • Mini Size pedals

6. Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz Bicycles


Location: Santa Cruz, California
Popular models: 5010, Bronson

What we like: You can get a lifetime warranty on their frames and even on bearings

What we don’t like: Due to their lavish feel and look, this is one of the expensive brands on the list

Brand Overview

Started in 1994, the company has gained immense popularity and success within a shorter span. The company is working on a limited quantity; a total of 14 models are there.

Out of these 14, they have two e-mountain bikes and just one grinder. This small-sized catalog, yet a premium one, is enough reason for the higher prices of these bikes.

Moreover, Santa Cruz never compromises on the look and feel of its bike. From Nomad to Hightower and Bronson, all are evidence of this fact.

According to a general observation, you will see around 25% of Santa Cruz bikes in your nearest bikes parking area. The reasons are self-evident: thoughtful designs and lifetime warranties.

If you are an off-road rider, you would love their feature of a lifetime warranty for bearings. However, this all comes on a huge budget and is undoubtedly worth it.

Best Models

  • Stigmata

    • Carbon CC frame
    • 700c wheel size
    • Shimano model derailleur, and shifters
    • 11 speed
  • Highball

    • Carbon C frame
    • 29 inches wheel size
    • SRAM model shifter, and derailleur
    • 12 speed

7. Trek Bikes

Trek Bikes


Location: Waterloo, Wisconsin
Popular models: Fuel EX, Supercaliber

What we like: The company mainly focuses on function and output. It also offers a lifetime warranty on frames.

What we don’t like: You will see limited innovation in their work

Brand Overview

Founded in 1976, this company has been striving hard to focus on mountain bikes’ output and functionality. It is undoubtedly a massive name in the industry with its biking range that caters to almost every budget.

Instead of working only on the look of the bikes, the company is working hard to improvise the primary aim of mountain bikes. Due to this reason, they believe in no boutique or high-class feel. Instead, their motto is to keep up the Wildly fun.

Although Trek shows lesser interest in innovation and modernization, people still love the brand due to its originality. Bikes like Trek Fuel EX and Supercaliber are favorites among riders as they come with no elegant feel.

Above all, you can customize this bike according to your choice. It is the only brand on our list to offer this option.

Best Models

  • Domane SLR 7

    • OCLV carbon frame
    • flat mount disc brakes
    • Shimano model drivetrain
  • Domane SLR 9

    • OCLV carbon frame
    • carbon wheels,
    • Shimano drivetrain
    • flat mount disc brakes

8. Giant Bicycles

Giant Bicycles


Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Popular models: Trance, Talon

What we like: The company has a wide range of models at very affordable prices

What we don’t like: The company is not updating its design in most of the bikes

Brand Overview

Though the company was founded in 1972, it was producing frames for bikes at that time. Then in 1981, they turned into an in-house mountain bike brand.

Recently in 2008, the brand has founded another sister brand called Liv. Liv is all aboutwomen’s mountain bikes.

Furthermore, the company has a wide range of bikes, from trail bikes to all mountain bikes. Other than bikes, they also produce essential gear like helmets and pads.

Though you won’t see much advancement in their designs, Giant is still in the hearts of its customer due to its value.

Best Models

  • XTC JR 24 LITE

    • 24 inches wheel
    • Aluminum frame
    • Shimano model shifter
    • youth model
  • Animator CB/16

    • 16 inches wheel
    • Aluminum body
    • coaster brakes
    • youth model

9. Pivot Cycles

Pivot Cycles


Location: Tempe, Arizona
Popular models: Firebird, Trail 429

What we like: It offers the best quality suspensions.

What we don’t like: Expensive

Brand Overview

The brand has just recently launched in 2007 and has taken over the fame. To no surprise, the celebrity is due to the owner and founder, Chris Cocalis, a legend in mountain biking.

The company has launched a wide range of mountain bikes within a brief period, including fat bikes, e-MTB, and gravel bikes. They prefer carbon frames over steel or Aluminum. Though these bikes are pretty pricey, the craftsmanship and luxe design can justify the prices. Lastly, you can get a ten years warranty for these bikes.

Best Models

  • Phoenix 29

    • 190 mm rear travel
    • 29 inches wheel
    • carbon frame
  • Trail 429

    • 120 mm rear travel
    • 29 inches wheel size
    • carbon frame

10. Ibis Cycles

Ibis Cycles


Location: Santa Cruz, California
Popular models: Ripmo, Ripley

What we like: They prefer quality over quantity and have bikes at a competitive price.

What we don’t like: They have a short product range.

Brand Overview

This company started in 1981. In 2000 it was sold to another group. However, it didn’t perform well. In 2005, the company reinvigorated a new life and emerged with a new concept.

Currently, their carbon complete suspension bikes are representing this company. One of the most incredible bikes introduced by Ibis is Ripmo. They designed it for people with a height of fewer than 5 inches.

Best Models

  • Ripmo

    • A carbon frame
    • 147 mm rear travel
    • 29 inches wheel size
  • Ripley

    • A carbon frame
    • 120 mm rear travel
    • 29 inches wheel size

11. Evil Bikes

Evil Bikes


Location: Bellingham, Washington
Popular models: The Offering, The Following

What we like: Their bikes promise smooth downhill performance

What we don’t like: They have a short product range

Brand Overview

Because this company was born in downhill areas, Santa Cruz’s models are the best in downhill travel. Moreover, the company has a minimal catalog of six designs.

They prefer quality over quantity. That said, most of their plan is quite shabby and uber rock kind of style. These styles also symbolize life in that specific area.

Best Models

  • The Following

    • 29 inches wheel
    • 120 mm rear travel
    • UD carbon frame
  • The Offering

    • 29 inches wheel size
    • 140 mm rear travel
    • UD carbon frame

12. Salsa Cycles

Salsa Cycles


Location: Bloomington, Minnesota
Popular models: Timberjack, Black thorn

What we like: They produce bikes for your next adventure

What we don’t like: They offer a short warranty span

Brand Overview

Salsa has its root back from the 1980s when it started working for the concept of mountain adventures. Its witness is the bag that you can see on most of their bikes.

They always design their bikes in a way that can accommodate your travel backpack and other essentials. So, if you are planning your next mountain trip, Salsa can help you with this endeavor.

Best Models

13. Co-op Cycles

Co-op Cycles


Location: Kent, Washington
Popular models: DRT 2.1, DRT 1.1

What we like: A perfect pick for beginners within the limited budget

What we don’t like: Their designs are outdated

Brand Overview

Initially, this brand was called Novara. In 2016, it just revamped its design and manufacturing techniques.

This brand is ideal for beginners as it majorly produces bikes for road travel instead of off-road adventures. However, they also have off-road mountain bikes. Finally, after ten years, they have readopted the idea of full suspension.

Best Model

  • DRT 1.1

    • 27.5 inches wheel size
    • 100 mm fork travel
    • 21 gears

14. YT Bikes

YT Bikes


Location: Hausen, Germany
Popular models: Capra

What we like: They prefer some direct to consumer designs

What we don’t like: Their online service is not up to the mark

Brand Overview

It is one of the well-known brands with high-end bikes selling at a meager cost. However, the company prefers selling its bikes direct to the customer.

It may excite many of us, but some have always complained about this working model. According to them, they had to wait for warranty claims, and the CXR was not satisfactory.

Best Model

  • IZZO Core 4

    • Carbon body
    • 130 mm suspension 
    • 29 inches wheel size

15. Intense Cycles

Intense Cycles


Location: Temecula, California
Popular models: Sniper T

What we like: They have one of the best downhill bikes line

What we don’t like: Sponsored team of riders in R&D

Brand Overview

The brand started with the idea of downhill biking mainly. Later they introduced almost every range of mountain bikes.

One of their best downhill bike, Aaron Gwin, has won 5 awards in different races. The best part is, you can get every type of MTB here for any kind of price range.

Best Model

  • Snipper T

    • A carbon frame
    • 120 mm rear suspension
    • SRAM model

Choosing your first mountain bike? [Tips and Tricks]

Before getting your hand on your first mountain bike, it is mandatory to read this buying guide. This buying guide has listed all the essentials that you need to look for while buying a mountain bike.

Size Matters

Brands mention the sizes of their bikes in inches, with other dimensions in mm. However, you need to be mindful while buying one. It is necessary to sit and check every motorcycle you are interested in before purchasing. It helps you to select the ideal one according to your body weight and height.

Getting the right-sized bike helps in more stability and more control over the ride. Else you will end up falling somewhere on the roadside.

Some brands mention which bike is ideal for kids and which one is for adults. Keeping that in mind, you should check the sizes. Your feet must be reaching the pedal. In case you are even taller, you will have to fold your lower limb slightly. As a result, you can get cramps of lower body pain.

Also, you need to check the seat size if it is adjustable or not. If it is flexible, then you are safe to go biking. Else, keep looking for the one that lets you adjust the seat size.

Wheel Size

Wheel size, rim size, and traction are essential to note before getting a mountain bike. Mostly, the right wheel size for adults is 24 to 26 inches. For those who have even longer than average persons, they can prefer 29 inches. At the same time, kids should go for sizes smaller than 24 inches.

Another hint for the wheel size is determining the length of the distance you are planning to bike. If it is a race, more oversized frames will suffice the need and cover the space quickly. In another case, smaller structures are suitable for smaller distances.

Full Suspension vs. Hardtail

The complete suspension bikes, with rear and front ones, are costly to buy. Plus, they are used in the advanced versions of mountain bikes. Moreover, they need extra care and technical skills to repair.

On the other hand, a hardtail can save your budget as it is cheaper than full-suspension bikes. Also, these hardtail mountain bikes need lesser attention or lesser repair.

So, the bottom line is, you should begin your learnings with a hardtail mountain bike that is easy to afford. Undoubtedly, full-suspension mountain bikes promise a smooth and the best ride, ideal for experts. So, as a beginner, you can start with a hardtail.

Weight vs. Strength

The shortest answer for this comparison is: you should look for strength.

Imagine that while drolling over a heavy mountain bike, you bought one. You took your heavy mountain bike and started biking off the road. There you faced a rock, lost all the balance, and finally ended up landing on the road.

To avoid this scenario, the best is to prefer the strength overweight of the mountain bike. Indeed weight look cool and quite show-off material; it is better to stay safe than staying cool-with-no-use.

Strength helps you maintain your balance off-road even in the case you hit a rock. You can easily navigate and control the steering. So, power makes the best option here.

Quality components

Mountain bikes are worth your money when they are smooth off-road, stable on the road, and light on. The budget. It is all possible if you invest in quality components.

Look for the mountain bike that comes with high-end components, including cranks, derailleur, suspensions, etc. It is common to see many local or even cheap quality bike brands that use these components in their mountain bikes. However, they compromise on the quality of their members that ultimately results in a bad experience.

Therefore, to make your dream of mountain biking a successful reality, not a nightmare, you need to focus on each component. Look for quality, and then you can make a decision.

Suspension Quality vs. Quantity

The entire suspension has its value and worth in the mountain bikes and race bikes industry. They are essential to ensure the best riding experience. Also, it is the constant struggle of bike industries that they have finally started launching complete suspension bikes.

A full-suspension mountain bike can be heavy on your pocket. So, if you are planning to fulfill your biking dreams within the last budget, we suggest that you look for suspension quality instead of its quantity.

Many of the new brands prefer the quality of suspension over the quantity of rest. They are producing the most fantastic bike in the town that too in a defined budget.

Futureproof design

Technology keeps on evolving. It doesn’t stop in one place. It keeps on growing the products too. Due to this very reason, we advise you to look for mountain bikes that offer reliable and long-term designs and features.

For instance, you can consider the example of e-mountain bikes. They are the new face of mountain bikes. This technology is going to replace the existing technology of bikes sooner or later.

Therefore, it is necessary to prefer the models and designs that may exist in the future. This idea will help you to invest in a long-term asset.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Mountain Bikes

After reading our comprehensive buying guide, there still might be some chances of some questions popping in your mind. So here is our FAQ section to answers all your queries.

What is the difference between different bikes? How would you get to know which one is best for which purpose?

So, here are some common types of mountain bikes.

Downhill, All mountain bike, Trail Bike, and CX bikes. You can use downhill for climbing or descending from the hill. All-mountain is suitable for dipping. The trail bike is a complete package. At the same time, XC bikes are for new racers.

What is the best wheel size?

There isn’t any best wheel size. You need to see your requirements, especially your height, to choose the right one.

What is the most straightforward definition of hardtail bikes?

The bike with no rear suspension at all, but a front suspension fork, are hardtail bikes. They are cheaper and give more acceleration.

What is the primary function of a fat mountain bike? What is it?

If you see a mountain bike with more comprehensive, around 3 inches, tires on them, that is a fat mountain bike. The latest trend came with improving the cycling experience on both: loose and soft terrain. It is perfect for off-road biking.

Can I use my fat mountain bike on the road?

The answer is a big NO.

Fat or plus-size mountain bikes are perfect for the muddy, sandy, wet, or loose surface. You cannot control them correctly on the road. So, it’s better to use them off-road only.

Clipless pedals or flat pedals- what makes the best option?

While biking on the road, you should be using clipless pedals. However, if you are biking off-road, flat pedals will do the best job.

What are the essentials I will need while biking?

You must grab some main gear, personal stuff, clothing, and a first aid kit. If you are racing or biking off the road, you should also get a repair kit along with you.

Can I bike on any mountain I like?


You will have to look for the designated areas where it is legal to bike and ride. Other than this, if you are riding in a prohibited area, you must know that you have to pay some fines.

Do I need any courses formountain biking?

The only course you will need is determination and your will. As long as you are excited and willing to accept the challenges, you can stay on the path. The only thing you will need to learn is how to survive and how to avoid accidents.


Mountain biking is one of the refreshing ways to enjoy and double the fun. However, any mediocre mountain bike can easily ruin the fun. Plus, it might cause you harm or any other damage. To help you get the best only, we jotted above the best Mountain bike brands for you.

This buying guide has answers to all your queries. From the expensive ones to the ones for beginners, we have listed all the brands that can help you gain more expertise in mountain biking.

So, before making a choice, read our buying guide and frequently asked about these brands to clear any doubts.